Do I need to tell my employer I was arrested for a DWI?

It depends. Different companies have different rules regarding DWI arrests and convictions. Many employment contracts lay out the guidelines and rules surrounding this issue. Pay special attention to the wording your company uses. There is a big difference between being ARRESTED for a DWI, and being CONVICTED of a DWI.

If your company asks you to report any misdemeanor CONVICTIONS other than traffic tickets/moving violations, then you would likely not have to report the arrest. Many companies allow you to wait until you have plead guilty, or were found guilty of the crime you have been charged with. (Innocence until Proven Guilty)

If your company asks if you have been ARRESTED for or CHARGED with any misdemeanor or felony charges, then you would likely need to report the incident to your company, and let them know you have hired a highly respected firm, and fully intend to fight your case.

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