How long does a DWI case take?

This answer depends on a few different factors: police agency, breath or blood test, and the court a person is assigned. Typically speaking, the only people who have their case resolved “quickly” are simply pleading guilty and accepting the state’s generic plea offer. Evidence can take time to trickle in piece by piece- police reports, accident reports, blood results, videos etc.

On average in Houston and surrounding areas it would take 6 months to one year to fight a DWI case the proper way.

Some police agencies can take longer to submit their reports and videos to the DA’s office and defense counsel. Other agencies submit their report and finding instantaneously.

Breath test cases tend to move a little quicker than blood cases because the breath result is established on the night of the arrest. Blood labs can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to submit their results to the district attorney’s office and defense counsel.

Finally, the court a person is assigned to can also affect the time it takes to properly fight their case. Some court’s have busier trial dockets than others at varying times throughout the year.

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