Should I hire a DWI attorney in my county?

This is such an important question. There can be pros and cons of hiring an attorney from the county of your pending case.

My best advice would be to ask each attorney the following questions:
How well do they know the county?
How often do they practice there?
Are they familiar with the judge, and do they know how the judge rules and feels on particular legal issues?
Do they know the prosecutors?
Do they take court appointments in that court?

There are two important ideas to consider-

Often, you want a lawyer who is familiar with the judge and prosecutors in your case, so he/she knows how the judge will likely rule on certain legal issues and how the prosecutor will usually craft and present their case. Therefore, your attorney can construct and provide a well researched and prepared defense strategy.

Also, it is important to ask about an attorney’s court appointments. I have found that often when attorney’s take court appointments from the court, they feel more pressure to “settle” or plea cases in fear they will not be appointed more cases in the future from that court.

As Cannon Law does not accept any court appointed cases, these outside monetary influences and circumstances do not affect any case strategies and legal defenses. The Cannon Law goal is simple, fight for you no matter what. Contact us today for a free consultation.