What is an occupational license?

If your license is suspended from an administrative license revocation hearing, or due to a DWI conviction, you might be eligible for an occupational driver’s license. If the court grants an occupational license, the permit allows you to drive under certain conditions while your license is suspended. Requirements and restrictions can vary by county and by court.

In addition to a court filing fee, a person will also have to pay $125 reinstatement fee to TX DPS.

Furthermore, all occupational licenses require a ignition interlock machine in your vehicle. This requires you to submit a breath sample before your car would turn on.

Also, a person must purchase SR 22 insurance for the duration of the occupational license. Cannon Law recommends not purchasing this SR 22 insurance through your insurance company. This puts them on notice of your pending charges unnecessarily. Rather there are local companies which you can purchase this special insurance through online.

To see if you are eligible for an occupational license, or for SR 22 Insurance recommendations, contact Cannon Law today!