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Houston DWI Attorney Alli Cannon was born and raised in The Woodlands, Texas. After graduating high school, she attended The Walter Cronkite School of Journalism where she specialized in public relations. Here, after 3 short years she obtained her bachelor’s degree, and graduated Magna Cum Laude from Barrett The Honors College at Arizona State University.

Upon her return to Texas, Alli attended South Texas College of Law in Houston Texas where she received her juris doctorate (J.D.). In her time at South Texas, Alli became a certified mediator through the Frank Evans School for Conflict Resolution, and competed in the Criminal Trial Advocacy Program where she presented cases on behalf of both the Prosecution and the Defense team.

After being licensed by the State Bar of Texas, Alli has worked exclusively as a Houston DWI attorney in Houston focusing her attention on Intoxication Crimes. Her dedication and experience in Driving While Intoxicated cases has given her a vast understanding of the complex legal issues which are common in DWI cases: recognizing problems with reasonable suspicion, identifying a lack of probable cause in traffic stops, evaluating illegal arrests and search issues, assessing prolonged detentions, as well as finding and arguing breath and blood suppression issues. She has extensive experience fighting both breath and blood cases from the initial arrest to the final verdict in a criminal trial. Understanding the drinking and driving laws in Houston is tantamount in crafting winning legal strategies in court. As a Houston DUI attorney, Alli seeks to personally advocate for every client. She recognizes that every case is unique, and spends the time to form calculated, creative, and successful legal strategies for every case.

In addition to her trial experience, DUI Attorney Alli Cannon has dedicated much of her time to course work involving the science of gas chromatography in blood draw cases. She received hands-on lab training, which allowed her to take part in experiments involving blood alcohol concentration, proper blood draw procedure, and vial preparation and analysis. As a Houston DUI attorney, Alli now applies this experience in blood draw cases to demonstrate issues with the District Attorney’s case against her clients to judges and juries.

She continues to expand and refine her knowledge and skills by attending continuing legal education courses and seminars across the United States. Her extensive coursework, training, and experience in driving while intoxicated cases allows her to maintain an edge over other attorneys who do not solely dedicate their practices to intoxication crimes. For example, DWI attorney Alli Cannon has traveled several times to Chicago Illinois to receive hands on training in Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry at Axion Labs. The courses in Chicago involve both lecture and lab training in the science used by the government in DWI cases and intoxication crimes in general.

As a Houston DWI attorney, Alli has also extended her training beyond blood alcohol and also studied the forensic analysis of solid drugs. Coming from a medical family, (Alli’s father is a surgeon and her mother a nurse), she was interested in expanding her practice beyond that of just DWI cases involving only alcohol to drugs and prescription medications. She recognizes that prescription medications and mental health are extremely important in many clients’ cases.

Alli Cannon

Houston DWI Attorney Alli Cannon felt as if there was a lack of DWI attorneys in Houston that truly understood the way prescription medications have become so prevalent in DWI cases, and who have spent enough time or maintain the requisite training to properly represent these clients against the government experts in trial. Alli vows two things to every client she represents.

Facts and evidence are not always going to be favorable for my clients. In these circumstances, I always feel it is important for my clients to know the best and the worst aspects of their case. Therefore, I typically have an in office meeting with each client at the start of their case and before their case is going to trial.

Houston DUI attorney Alli decided to start her own firm after practicing for a few years in the criminal defense world in hopes of remedying what she saw as flaws in the way cases are handled in other firms. She gives each case a personalized approach rather than passing cases off to less-experienced lawyers, paralegals, or assistants. It is important to Alli as a Houston DWI attorney that she personally handles each and every aspect of her clients’ cases. This ensures that no stone is left unturned, no strategy left without thought. She also strives to be available to her clients throughout their entire case. Alli understands how stressful this situation is and wants to be available to answer questions, talk about solutions, and prepare client’s for their case moving forward; this means answering phone calls, emails, and text messages after business hours and on weekends.

  • DWI attorney pledge in Houston - always be honest

    To always be honest about every aspect of your case, even when the circumstances are not on your side.

  • DWI attorney pledge in Houston - hard work

    To always evaluate your case personally, defend you zealously, and maintain her highest work ethic in every step of the way.

DWI lawyer's dog

In addition to her law practice, Alli enjoys dedicating her time to animals. Alli rescued, fostered, and trained a boxer pitbull mix to become a medical alert/ service dog through a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization in Glendale, Arizona. She now enjoys spending time with a beautiful rescue dog of her own named Marvin.

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