“Allison Cannon is a terrific attorney. She is very respectful,hard working & skillful in her law firm. I placed my very own trust in her to fight for me with my case. Honesty has always been the best policy & truth will prevail. Cannon is victorious, she will fight for you every step of the way I highly recommend her to any of you looking for a attorney. Thank you Allison Cannon.” Frank Villanueva

“On April 4-2018 I was pulled over at the corner of Spencer and Randolph rd in Pasadena tx right in front of my house witch I thought would in able the police officer️ to let me go with a warning but I was in for a long 9month court drag out I was very nervous every time I went to court because it was my second dwi that I was being charged with in the mist of being afraid and scared when it felt like all hope was lost....I googled top lawyers for dwi in Houston and mrs Allie cannon came out as one of the top 10 best dwi lawyers so I chose to meet her on my court date I expected her to not to show that much interest in my case as most lawyers do but boy was I wrong from the very first moment she new we had a good case and she would be able to help...all tho there are lawyers that promise you things and never happen mrs Allie was always honest and sure of here self you could notice the confidence as soon as she stepped in the room she never made me wait all day for reset I was usually out in 30 or 45 min rather quick if you ask I was offered a plea deal and obviously she had to tell me about it by law but she informed me we would not be takeing the plea because she strongly believe that we could git this dismissed so I put all my trust and faith in her..... I was placed on an intoxalock device in my vehicle for those long 9months and that was beginning to git in the way of my family and work do to the fact that I had a blow schedule I was beginning to feel like I could not be more of a failure like I was letting my job and family down some days were the worst and just when I thought my holidays would be ruined I git a call from mrs Allie and it had to of Ben the best news I had all year she had dun it she had gotten my case dismissed and I just didn’t know how to act my body filled joy at the sound of her telling me I was free and clear it was the best feeling ever to know I would git to go back to my normal everyday life all thanks to my HOT SHOT DEFENS ATTORNEY MRS.ALLIE if your reading this your the best MRS ALLIE I wish you the best of luck and may you continue to prosper and be victorious in every case you handle as you have ben with mine..........happy holidays and marry Christmas MRS.ALLIE YOUR THE BEST!!!!!!” Juan Villa

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