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Driving While Intoxicated cases can have profound effects on your life and future.

These cases are complex and require a vast knowledge of the law and most often the science of breath and blood testing.

Houston DWI Defense Attorney Alli Cannon will help you every step of the way through this stressful time of your life. This process begins with our initial interview, incorporates protecting your driver’s license at the ALR hearing, and extends through every court appearance and trial setting. During this time, no stone is left unturned. It is extremely important to Cannon Law to acquire every detail in your case.

There is no “cookie cutter” defense from Cannon Law.

While many DWI attorneys simply look at the general facts, DWI defense attorney Alli Cannon delves into the details to construct creative strategies in your particular case. Cases can be won or lost in the smallest of details.

Hiring the right Houston DWI defense attorney can make or break your case. This is true whether you are innocent or if you made an unfortunate decision the night you were pulled over.

Most DWI defense attorneys will tell you that the driving facts, test performance and results, and the way the video looks is all that is important. To DWI Defense Lawyer Alli Cannon, who you are as an individual, your needs, and your desired outcome is of the utmost importance in developing the strategy for your case. To learn about you, Cannon Law typically begins by meeting you in person for a consultation. This allows you to ask Cannon Law any questions you might have, address your biggest concerns, and discussing the best possible outcomes and strategies moving forward.

No law firm can guarantee you a favorable outcome; however, hiring DWI defense attorney Alli Cannon ensures you will have an honest, aggressive, and zealous DWI lawyer fighting for your rights and your future in court.

Your arrest does not guarantee a conviction; you do not have to plead guilty to the charges against you. Hold the government accountable in proving each and every element of their case beyond a reasonable doubt.

Elements the government must prove for a DWI conviction:

  1. Date of incident
  2. Your identity
  3. Were operating
  4. A motor vehicle
  5. In a public place
  6. While intoxicated

Hiring an experienced Houston DWI defense lawyer is of the utmost importance in holding the government accountable to prove each element of their case against you beyond a reasonable doubt.

Consuming alcohol and driving your vehicle alone does not make you guilty of driving while intoxicated. The state must prove you were intoxicated under the standards mandated by law. With an experienced Houston DWI defense lawyer such as Cannon Law in your corner, proving you were intoxicated beyond a reasonable doubt is not an easy task for the government.

Ways the government can prove intoxication:

  1. The loss of one’s normal mental faculties due to the introduction of drugs or alcohol
  2. The loss of one’s normal physical faculties due to the introduction of drugs or alcohol
  3. A blood alcohol concentration of a .08 or higher at the time of driving

The government does not have to prove all three of these definitions of intoxication. The government can prove any one of those three beyond a reasonable doubt to prove the element of intoxication. Therefore, it is critical to hire an experienced Houston DWI lawyer that understands the tests used to prove these definitions at trial and cast reasonable doubt in the eyes of the jury.

However, intoxication is not the only element that has proven to be troublesome for the government in the past. The “operation”, “public place”, or even the “motor vehicle” elements can be challenged and argued under the right facts and circumstances. Hiring an experienced DWI defense attorney who knows how to successfully challenge these issues ensures that no one element is overlooked in your case.

Allow DWI defense attorney Alli Cannon to hold the government accountable and battle for your constitutional rights in court. To give you the best chance for success, it is crucial that you contact an experienced Houston DWI defense lawyer as soon as you can.

Overview of Representation by your Houston DWI Defense Attorney:

  1. Houston DWI defense attorney representation typically begins with an in-person consultation. This allows us to get to know each other, discuss the facts in your case, and develop a plan moving forward

  2. The first step typically taken by the DWI defense attorney is requesting the Administrative License Revocation (ALR) Hearing to fight the suspension of your driver’s license. The request is sent to The Texas Department of Public Safety, and the hearing usually scheduled a few months after the initial request is made.

  3. Next the DWI defense lawyer will provide you with a questionnaire for you to fill out at your convenience. It will ask you to recall as many details about the traffic stop, interactions with the officer(s), any intoxication tests administered, and personal background information. These details can be useful to Cannon Law in learning your perspective on the set of events. Understanding your frame of mind can be helpful in explaining to a jury the context for certain actions and behaviors they might see on video.

  4. Your DUI defense attorney begins to investigate your DUI charges in Houston immediately upon being retained. This often includes a scene investigation to search for any security cameras that overlook the scene. The government has an open file policy for defense lawyers; many DWI lawyers in Houston simply wait for the government to provide them with this evidence. However, Cannon Law subpoenas the evidence directly without relying on the government to turn over evidence in their file. This often leads to the defense possessing more evidence than the government in their case against you.

  5. Representation in court- While it might appear as if nothing is happening during the non-trial settings you are required to attend, these dates are set for the defense attorney and prosecutor to speak about what evidence has been submitted or is available in your case. When court begins you will answer the calling of the docket by announcing you are present when your name is called. After docket call, the case is usually reset a number of times as both the government and defense wait for the evidence to be submitted. Cannon Law will never prolong your case without a valid purpose for resetting. However, DUI charges in Houston tend to require time to acquire the proper evidence needed to represent you in trial.

  6. Evaluating your case- Once all of the evidence is turned over and the discovery process is complete Cannon Law will evaluate your case for trial. This evaluation includes finding potential issues with the states case and constructing strategic and creative defenses on your behalf. Once this evaluation is done, Cannon Law typically has another in-office meeting to consult with you about the options in your case including any plea offers made by the government, the strengths and weaknesses of your case if it were to go to trial, and the various outcomes you might expect. It is important to Cannon Law that each client feels they are fully informed of every option available to them in in their case.

No law firm can guarantee you a favorable outcome; however, hiring Houston DWI defense lawyer Alli Cannon ensures you will have an honest, aggressive, and zealous DWI lawyer fighting for your rights and your future in court.

NOT having a DWI on my record has saved my career. Thank you Cannon Law for the time you spent with me. I got my life back. I recommend hiring Cannon law to anyone who wants the best chance they can get to keep their DWI off their record. Alli is a fantastic lawyer - she will get you out of any trouble.

- Bekah D.

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